Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Please scan the QR code on user manual to install the “VeryFit” app, or download it from App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the VeryFit app, allow the request to enable the Bluetooth function of your phone to connect the watch. *Please do not pair directly via Bluetooth. The pairing operation should be done in the APP page.
  3. Select “ID207” on the VeryFit app--> Click “Confirm Bind Device”. After binding, fill in your age/weight/height correctly.
  4. Then a progress bar will appear at the top of the VeryFit app--> It will take 1-2 mins to sync the date/time and your info. The pairing will be done once it reaches 100%.

  1. Please ensure the permissions of App, messages, calls, etc. are allowed when you download the VeryFit app for the first time. 
  2. Turn on “Call Alert” & “SNS Alert” function in the VeryFit app: Open app--> Click “Device” --> Turn on “Call Alert” & “SNS Alert”--> Switch on the app you need to get notification from--> Click the √ icon at the top right to save the settings. 
  3. Allow the VeryFit app to send notifications: Open your phone settings--> Find “VeryFit” app--> Notifications--> Click “Allow Notifications”--> Tick Lock Screen/Notification Center/banners, and tick “Always (Default)” in Show Previews. *Note: The watch won’t receive any notification if messages/calls/SNS notifications didn’t appear on dropdown of your phone, make sure they are able to show up: Phone Settings-->Notifications> Find the app you need to get notification from-->Allow Notifications. (Same process as step 3) 
  4. Turn off the “Do not disturb” mode both in phone and watch, make sure your phone’s dropdown can show you the message notification when it comes in.
  5. If the watch still can’t receive any notification: Please delete the “ID207” from the Bluetooth paired devise list from your phone--> Delete VeryFit app and download again--> Repeat the step #1-3.
  1. Please make sure your personal info (age, height, weight) in VeryFit app are filled in correctly. (Go to VeryFit app -> User -> My info) 
  2. For a single measurement on the watch, please wear the watch one finger wide below the wrist bone, snug but comfortable on your wrist. Then keep stay still and breathing peacefully. It needs more time to measure more accurate data. This is normal that the heart rate data will be volatile at start. You will find that the data will be more accurate, if you measure more times and test longer. 
  3. Boean fitness watch counts steps by a built-in 3D gravity sensor, and the step counting result is affected by the user’s swinging arm posture, stride length, body type, road level or slope, and other factors. However, after many trials, the step counting data of our watch will not exceed 10% error from the actual. You can test whether it is accurate by walking 100 steps outdoors. (If the number of steps is less than 30, it may not be recorded.)

- Press and hold the MFB for approximately 3s.

- The device has entered pairing mode when the LED flash red and blue lights alternately. Next, turn on your Bluetooth device, enter mobile phone’s Bluetooth setting and choose U8” to pair the earbuds.

It might have two reasons.

One is that the charging cord is broken, please try to use other Micro-USB cable to charge the headphones.

Another one is that there might be something wrong with the battery. If it is kept too long time without using and charging, the capacity and life of the battery will reduce.

So please use a new charging cable to charge the headphones for 2 hours firstly.

Please change another charging cable to charge the headphones. Connect the headphone to your USB cable.

- Red LED indicates the device is charging

- Blue LED indicates the device is fully charged

Also please connect the headphones with a 5V1A adapter to charge.

It takes 1.5-2 hours to charge the battery fully.

-The bluetooth headphones might have low battery. Please recharge the device as needed.

-There might be an obstacle between your cell phone and the bluetooth headphones. Ensure this is not the case. Please be aware that your hand might obstruct communication if you are holding it against the headphones. Make sure the line of communication is clear of any obstruction between these two devices.

-The bluetooth headphones might be out of range. Try to move it closer to your cell phone for best results.

- Long press the MFB button for about three seconds while charging. (remember to do this after the earphone being charged more than 10 seconds ).

Does the red and blue light flash three times?

- If the red and blue light flashes three times, it means that the previous pairing memory is cleared and then you can try to reconnect it.



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